Flowering Air Plants

Air plants, also called Tillandsia, are only a type of Epiphytes, which means they do not need soil to grow. They do still need a place to begin growing.

It is not routinely classed as a bug, even though they need a host to affix itself to. Nutrients are only brought from droplets that are only in the air, from dirt and moisture.

There are a wide variety of Airplants. You will have to choose over 540 different species. Although each of them have the same life cycle, all of them have divergent colourful displays.

The roots of an air plant are only grown for growing purposes and also to support the collection of water. Some support water-based wildlife like frogs and toads. These plants are only found in the tropical forests in South America.

The plants that are only grown as house plants make a great addition to it’s interior decor. Light is an essential peice of the plants life. The sun or a simple kitchen strip light usually work best, but be sure not to keep them under it for too long, as it may get leaf burn.

The water intake of Air plants is greater than those of the other plants, especially if they are only outside in gardens.

I recommend you to read up on about the plant to understand it well and to be able to expand it properly. Air plants will be able to expand in most places. All that is needed is a well lit place to support the plant as it can be grown from a shoe to a shell.


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